Advantages of Precast Concrete

City traffic jams. Inclement weather. Last-minute project changes. Countless variables can disrupt traditional concrete pouring, including logistics, weather and scope changes. Add to that the pressure of a time-sensitive material that must be poured and cured under very specific conditions and it’s easy to see the advantages of choosing the quality, consistency and convenience of precast concrete products.

Reduce construction time and on-site inspection costs. As a contractor, you strive to control every aspect of a project possible to finish on time and within budget. Let our experienced team at Seminole Precast help you leave one less component of your next project to chance.

Discover how the benefits of precast concrete leave our competitors in the Stone Age.

  • Quality – We design, produce, and maintain our own precast forms, meaning you get a uniform product that avoids the potential flaws of on-site pouring. Our MSE panels, concrete barriers, and many other precast materials are consistently manufactured in a controlled environment at our Southeastern facilities. When we cast, cure, and monitor these products, you get quality materials that have earned us our reputation of excellence.
  • Convenience – Precast concrete can take any shape, any density and contain any imaginable additional hardware, such as plumbing, electrical wiring and even windows. With so much versatility, it’s clear that precast concrete offers the ultimate level of control and convenience. Precast concrete also makes logistics easier. We exclusively handle the entire precast concrete production and delivery process. No more shipping issues with third-party transport companies. No more order changes to coordinate between multiple manufacturers. At Seminole Precast, we operate with the efficiency that saves you time and lets you focus on the rest of your project.
  • Cost – Thanks to its strength, durability and resistance to fire, corrosion and pests, precast concrete offers the lowest lifetime cost available in any building material. The initial production and delivery of precast concrete is easier too. With our complete control over production and shipping, you no longer need to endure costly delays brought on by weather, logistic complications, or project changes. We adapt to your changing needs with the unmatched speed that carries over to your bottom line.
  • Safety – With precast concrete materials, the only on-site work involved is the set up. No more rushing to finish pours. No more unforeseen on-site complications. You can prepare a site for delivery beforehand with the confidence of knowing your precast product will fit the dimensions perfectly. We reduce the number of variables with our precast concrete products, cutting the on-site risk of injury.
  • Strength – Unlike other materials, which can deteriorate over time, precast concrete strength increases over time. While other construction materials may experience creep and stress relaxation, precast concrete construction avoids this risk. Plus the load-carrying ability of precast products does not solely rely on the strength or quality of surrounding backfill materials. Those attributes lead to a lower lifetime cost and unparalleled staying power.

With so many answers why precast concrete is the best construction material possible, only one question remains: Why would you choose anything else?

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