Bridge over the Shenandoah River, Front Royal, Virginia 

Project Description:

The bridge over the Shenandoah River replaces a low-water bridge that was underwater a significant amount of time during the year (Approximately 100 days or more annually).

The existing multi-span bridge is a single lane structure built in 1925, which is 321-feet long with a single 11-foot wide lane with a roadway surface just 5’ above the normal river level.

The new bridge will be a two-lane structure located in the existing bridges footprint and alignment. Approximately 480-feet long, the new bridge will have a 22-foot wide travel way. The approaches on either side of the bridge will have a paved width varying between 22 and 24 feet. The new roadway elevation will be raised approximately 5’.

The prestressed beams for the project are 80’ in length and 33” in depth and 36” wide. A total of 48 members were fabricated for the project and placed over six spans. The concrete in the structural members utilized a self-consolidating lightweight concrete mix, the first of its kind utilized by the Virginia Department of Transportation in a box beam structure. Months of testing was involved to perfect the mix design to balance strength, weight and permeability of the concrete.

While not wide enough for a sidewalk or formal bike lanes, there are no restrictions placed on pedestrians or bicyclists from utilizing the proposed bridge.

During the design phase the total cost for this project was estimated at $9,700,000, including $1,200,000 for preliminary engineering, $675,000 for right of way and $7,860,000 for construction.

Evercast was pleased to have assisted VDOT from the original design phase through completion.