CSX Ramp Replacement, Charleston, West Virginia

Project Description:

Preservation of a historic bridge wore most on the minds of the deigner’s on the CSX Ramp Replacement in Charleston West Virginia. The owner and architect/engineer wanted the look to resemble that of the original bridge being replaced.

Evercast fabricated the spread box beam members to accommodate cantilevered sidewalks and handrails. Stainless steel beveled sole and embedded bearing plates were utilized to meet site grade requirements and eliminate sloped piers and backwalls.Choosing precast bridge beams for this project allowed for faster construction, long, clear spans, low maintenance, and an attractive appearance.

Technical Note:

  • The longest span on this 7-span box beam design was 55’ 3” and the shortest span being 49’
  • 7000 psi minimum concrete @28days
  • 5500 psi @detensioning

The abbreviated project description is by courtesy of the Precast Concrete Solutions Website