Warren County – Route 613 (Indian Hollow Road) Bridge

The project is located on Route 613 (Indian Hollow Road) in Warren County, from Route 628 to .30 mile north of Route 628, in the Bentonville area.

Project Description:

The project replaced the existing low water structure, which was considered sub-standard.

Located approximately 50 feet upstream of the existing structure, the new two-lane bridge will be 34-feet wide and 320-feet long. East and west approaches to the bridge will consist of two 11-foot lanes, with a 5-foot-wide shoulder on the west side and a 5-foot-wide sidewalk with curb and gutter on the east side.

The existing bridge over the abandoned channel will be replaced with a double 10-foot by 8-foot box culvert located approximately 20 feet upstream from the existing structure. Both approaches to the box culvert will consist of two 11-foot lanes with 5-foot shoulders, and 4-foot ditches provided where needed.

The average daily traffic count in 2009 for this portion of Route 613 is 228 vehicles. This number is projected to increase in 2023 to 236 vehicles per day. The current road is heavily populated during the warm weather months for camping, fishing, and river recreational activities.

STATE PROJECT – 0613-093-187, PE101, RW201, M501, B628, D625, UPC – 56362,
UPC:  UPC 56362

The abbreviated project description is by courtesy of the Virginia’s Department Of Transportation Website