Microbial Induced Corrosion Resistant Manhole Project

The City of Blacksburg Virginia

Project Description:

The City of Blacksburg Virginia contacted Evercast in reference to producing a manhole for a project that will have a force main discharge into the structure. The concern was due to the pressurized force main discharge into the structure that Microbial Induced Corrosion to concrete would occur. This occurs in unique environments that develop because of an acid generating bacteria –Thiobacillus – will grow on the surface of concrete. The excreted acid will corrode the concrete surface.

The City Engineer contacted our supplier of Concrete Sealants about a product called “ConBlock MIC”. The ConBlock MIC was made part of the concrete mix used for this structure. After the pieces were removed from the form a topical treatment of the Con Block MIC was applied to the inside of the structure. The City of Blacksburg has now installed the manhole and will monitor the concrete for its durability.