With a background in tech and mental health, Doty is ready to tackle a new role at Evercast

Problem solving. Active Listening. Empathy.

These are just a few important attributes to have when you work in information technology. Especially during a time of change.

“New systems and new change can be hard and difficult, but we have such a great team that is here to help, support and get everyone through as easily as we can,” said Evercast ERP System Manager Sharilee Doty.

She’s referring to the implementation of the Titan System to all six of Evercast’s businesses. The Titan system was developed specifically for the precast concrete industry and the advanced software provides an integrated system to manage all elements of plant operations.

Sharilee has been working with Titan for the past 15 years, and in a lot of ways, you really can’t find someone better suited for the role.

“I came on board at Seminole Precast in 2007 prior to it becoming an Evercast Company in 2020,” said Doty. “I was working in marketing and doing administrative work and later I was an executive assistant to the president at the time. I then moved into the IT world and started doing network hardware and software. Then we started working with Titan. So, I’ve been working with Titan since we got it in 2008.”

But Sharilee had another calling for an occupation that also requires problem solving skills, active listening, and empathy.

Mental Health.

“It was something I always wanted to do so I went back and got my masters in mental health counseling.”

For years, Sharilee worked part time both at Seminole Precast and in the mental health field until recently when she was offered a full-time position at Evercast as the ERP System Manager to help with the final implementation of the Titan system and ensure that Titan is running well and continuously improving.

“It’s really exciting to be able to combine what we’re doing into one system and for the business to be able to share data seamlessly.”

Doty and her team will be working hard all summer long to have the entire company integrated by the fall. She’s excited to see how standardization helps employees at every level in the company.

“To be able to see all our plants in one system and see the entire process from start to finish in one system is going to be huge for management and our workers. They’re the ones out there working their tails off for us and if I can make their jobs easier by standardizing the system, it would feel really great to be able to give that to them.”

And even while working in an IT role, Sharilee will always use her background in mental health counseling to help her communicate effectively with team members and handle conflicts.

“I’m always putting my therapy hat on, maybe more than I should, but it does help out as the ERP manager. I can build that rapport and help in certain situations where others may not have that ability because they don’t have that therapy training. I really feel like it can benefit me in this role.”

Favorite book: Any murder mystery

Recent Watches: Ghost and Blacklist

Favorite food: Pizza

Ideal Long Weekend: I would want to go to the beach to play volleyball (I played in college) and hang out with my family and end it with a new tattoo.

Best Advice: Laughter is always the best medicine. If I’m laughing, I’m not crying, so laughter is definitely something that I think people need to do more of. And then don’t be afraid to ask for help. Therapy has such a negative stigmatism around it and there doesn’t have to be. We all have had a time in our lives when we’ve needed that help and it’s okay to ask for help, so I just encourage people to do so. It’s nice to have that support and to have someone listen and validate what you are going through.

Article by Corinne McGrath