Evercast Announces Jason Hewatt as New Vice President of Sales

Jason Hewatt named Vice President of Sales at Evercast

Evercast, a precast concrete company based in the southeast names Jason Hewatt their new VP of sales.

Evercast is thrilled to announce Jason Hewatt as the new Vice President of Sales.
Jason has served in multiple positions at Evercast since coming aboard in 2019, such as Vice President of
Business Development where he helped put Evercast on the map though brand awareness and improving customer satisfaction.
He then took over as the General Manager of the Evercast branch Seminole Precast where he oversaw operations and helped the branch generate one of its highest revenues in history.
As the new Vice President of Sales, Jason will be defining a new optimal sales structure to assist Evercast in their continuous stage of growth. His responsibilities also include overseeing sales activities, managing and growing the current sales team, establishing, and maintaining customer relationships, developing plans for the company’s sales goals, and creating a culture of success.
“I’m most excited about making positive changes,” said Jason. “I like to do things where I can physically see the outcome. That’s why I like to cut my own grass. In my early career, I worked for a development company that built houses and I loved getting to physically see the work we did. I’m a builder, so I’m excited to see what we build here.”
Jason has 15 years of knowledge and experience in the precast business under his belt, but he’s worked in construction since he graduated college. Jason has a background in sales, marketing, and business development, as well as experience working for large corporations and family-owned small businesses.
With that exposure, Jason is ready to continue what he started in other roles in the company to grow Evercast even more and serve old customers and new.
“I’m still a huge believer that shaking hands brings in opportunities,” said Jason. “I embrace technology and hybrid working roles, but I know for a fact that shaking hands and physically going out and seeing someone is so important and were going to get back to that.”
Evercast eagerly awaits the improvements that Jason will bring serving in his new role. Please offer him your support and congratulations as we continue to reach our goals of producing the highest quality precast and prestressed products.