Precast Concrete Box Culverts


precast concrete culvert

Four-sided concrete culverts, commonly referred to as box culverts, are some of the most versatile precast concrete products on the market. Box culverts are suitable for applications such as underpasses, tunnels, subways, bridges, stream culverts, material handling, underground detention/sand filters, storage, and more. Evercast box culverts are engineered to resist corrosive elements and withstand volumes of water inside, as well as extreme loading conditions outside. Our box culverts are manufactured in a variety of sizes with standard and customizable designs to accommodate your project. They are available with precast wingwalls, headwalls, and aprons while speeding up installation drastically compared to conventional methods.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Fast and Easy Installation
  • Same Day Backfill
  • DOT and/or NOCA certified Plant Results in High Quality Assurance
  • Designed for the Requirements of Each Project

Our Process

  • Designed to meet LRFD and/or ASTM standards
  • Special designs for heavy loads such as aircraft or rail 
  • Custom designs for maximum efficiency 
  • Our engineering team and staff look at every project individually and considers the soil conditions, wind loads and constructability as we design your bases
  • Product detail sheets provide specific data that engineers and contractors need


  • Bridge Culvert 
  • Storm Storage Detention, Sand filters and/or retention 
  • Storm Drainage
  • Material handling 
  • Utility and Pedestrian Tunnels 


Precast concrete culverts

Selection of Our Culvert Products

Precast Concrete Box Culvert


precast concrete headwall


precast concrete culvert