Precast Concrete Low-Profile Barriers


Shielding drivers from trees, light poles, and other fixed roadway features, precast low profile barriers from Evercast offer superior protection, ease of installation, and aesthetic design. At only 18 inches in height, these barriers only minimally impact driver visibility. However, their height is enough to discourage pedestrian traffic in unmarked road areas.

precst concrete low profile barrier


Commonly used in low-speed construction zones, the precast low profile barriers from Evercast include a high-strength bar style connector system that adheres to FDOT standards for strength and durability. Other benefits of these barriers from Seminole Precast include:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Quick and easy removal
  • No required anchoring
  • Included hardware

Trust the consistent and high-quality manufacturing process used at Evercast to provide your next worksite the best low profile precast barriers you can find. Our more than two decades of experience has made us a leader in the production of essential highway precast barrier systems like these, and our in-house logistics means you never struggle to get the product you need delivered to your site. Rental, installation, relocation and removal services are also available.


  • Construction Barriers
  • Parking Rails
  • Traffic Blocking Barrier
  • Temporary or Permanent Barriers


precast concret barriers

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