Precast Concrete ‘PERFECT’ Manhole Base


The ‘PERFECT’ precast concrete sanitary manholes provide leakproof maintenance access and sewage transition points, ensuring the sewage flow is smooth and unimpeded for your sanitary sewer system.

precast concrete perfect manhole base

We manufacture the sanitary manhole with a single concrete pour with precision casting to produce a monolithic manhole base where the base, wall, channel/berm, and pipe connections are reliably leakproof.

The PERFECT sanitary sewer manhole can be customized with to accommodate channel and sewage connector pattern configurations for unique applications.


  • Leakproof connections
  • Optimal sewage flow due to the smooth transition in the channels’ incline and pipe connections
  • The sewage channels are joint-free and pore-free, providing for a free flow of sewage
  • Precision casting of the channel and pipe connections offering precision sealing and load transfer
  • Gaskets are permanently cast into the concrete during the manufacturing process
  • Ease of manhole height adjustment
  • High load-bearing capacity under static and dynamic loads
  • Sustainable: resource saving and easy to recycle

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  • Sanitary Sewage Systems
  • City Municipalities
  • County Municipalities
  • State Municipalities


Perfect Base

sanitary precast concrete manhole

sanitary precast concrete manhole

sanitary precast concrete manhole

sanitary precast concrete manhole