Precast Concrete Sea Wall Saver


The Sea Wall Saver mitigates the effects of climate change by extending the height of sea walls with a precast concrete capping system.

Each Engineered sea wall system is custom designed for a 100-year lifespan and installed on top of the existing sea wall. There is no need to demolish the existing sea wall and rebuild, saving time and money.

Designs are available for public, commercial, and private sea walls.

precast concert sea wall saver



  • No need to replace the existing sea wall because the top elevations didnot meet the minimum height requirements
  • 1/10 the carbon footprint
  • The precast concrete sea wall extension caps sections are manufactured in a controlled environment ahead of time
  • The precast sections will be cast to fit the existing sea wall cap plus an additional; 3/4″ gap for UHPC
  • Precast concrete is a ‘green’ product with a 100-year lifespan.
  • Installs onto existing sea wall cap, increasing the top elevation by 6′
  • Increases the overall stability and strength of the existing sea wall
  • All reinforcing will be FRP or GRP
  • Can be installed using smaller equipment in 1/10th of the time compared to a replacement


  • Extensions for Sea Walls


precast concrete sea wall saver


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