Precast Concrete Wet Utility Structures


wet utility

Drainage Structures are curbside drains with the sole function of collecting rainwater from buildings and streets. From the collection point, the water is transported to local waterways via underground precast concrete infrastructure. Evercast manufactures a wide range of standard Precast Concrete Storm Drainage (manholes, catch basins, leaching basins, inlets, and culverts).

Our standard products offer high availability, flexible design, ease of installation, and watertight construction that can be retrofitted into existing installations. In addition to the company’s range of standard products, Evercast will design and manufacture custom storm drainage products for each unique application.

All products are designed and manufactured to ASTM C 478  and AASHTO M199 


  • Storm Drainage
  • Pump/Lift Stations
  • Utility Manholes
  • Culverts
  • Tunnels


Wet Utility

Selection of Our Wet Utility Products

precast concrete sewer manhole

Sewer Manhole

precast concrete manhole riser_

Manhole Riser

precast concrete open top drain

Open Top Drain

Advantages and Benefits

  • Fast and Easy Installation
  • Same Day Backfill
  • DOT and/or NPCA Certified Plant
  • Standard Product and Custom Designed