Crossroads Mall Storm Repair Project, Beckley WV

Project Description:

Eastern Vault Co was contacted by the Crossroads Mall in Beckley WV about a storm repair project in their existing parking area.  The project consists of repairing and replacing a 60” diameter storm pipe.  Alliance Consulting Inc. is the engineering design firm hired by the Crossroads Mall.  They came up with the idea of splitting an existing storm structure and adding a box to receive the new 60” HDPE storm piping.  The owner also indicated that they would need a new Inlet structure to accommodate the 60” diameter HDPE pipe.

Evercast created the 8’x6’ precast box structures for both applications.  The boxes were cast with 70” diameter holes to allow for the new 60” diameter HDPE pipe.  Precast top and bottom slabs were designed and constructed to allow for the existing and new 4’ structures to be placed directly on top and beneath the structures.